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Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

Nor’easter Roofing’s now offers expert Chimney Repair and Rebuilding, along with ice dam removal to prevent winter ice damage to your home’s roof.

How Ice Dams Form:icicle

Hot air escapes from living spaces, melting snow on the roof, which trickles to the colder edge of the roof where it refreezes into a dam. Every inch of snow that accumulates on the roof insulates the roof deck a little more, trapping more indoor heat and melting the bottom layer of snow. The ice builds up and forms a dam as more water runs down onto it. Eventually the ice works its way up the roof, digging under shingles, melting, and leaking into the house.

It is important to have the Ice Dam removed before it causes water damage to the house.

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If you need an Ice Dam removed from your roof, contact Rob now before your house suffers any water and ice damage.