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Nor’Easter Roofing is proud to provide the town of Milford with our locally leading roofing services. We’re the top choice for Milford residents.
Milford is a Worcester County town that is home to about 28,000 residents that was founded as a booming industrial and mining community with its location on the Charles River, Mill River, and Blackstone River watershed. The town is also famous for its granite which fueled the local economy into the 40s. Today, Milford is a beautiful suburb of Boston and a place our team loves to work. Read more below to learn about the services we offer in Milford.

Roof Installation in Milford, MA

At Nor’Easter Roofing, we know the importance of a high-quality roof on your home. It provides the rest of your home with protection and you with peace of mind that you’ll be protected when inclement weather strikes. A roof needs to look great as well; that’s why our team works with CertainTeed for our roof replacements. 

CertainTeed shingles come in more styles and colors than any other manufacturer; beyond that, they offer outstanding protection for homeowners every month of the year. No matter the style of your home in Milford, our team at Nor’Easter offers shingle options that boost the curb appeal of your home. Plus, we are CertainTeed Shinglemasters, so we can offer extended warranties and exclusive products to the homeowners we work with. 

If your roof is showing signs of age like missing or chipped shingles, dark spots, or ice dams in the winter, it’s likely due for a replacement. Nor’Easter Roofing can quickly replace the roof on your Milford, MA home with a long-lasting, beautiful roof from CertainTeed. Reach out to our team today at 508-667-3278 to get started. 

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Roof Repair Services in Milford, MA

Nor’Easter Roofing doesn’t just replace roofs. We also provide Milford residents with our roof repair services when you need them. As we mentioned earlier, your roof is the most important part of your home. So when issues arise, our team can quickly identify them and get to work on a proper repair. Storms and poor workmanship on your roof can lead to some major issues, but our team can make things right. Our experience helps us find issues below the surface so you won’t have an unsafe roof on your home when you work with Nor’Easter. Contact our team for a professional roof inspection if you’re worried that your Milford roof isn’t working properly.

Contact Nor’Easter Roofing in Milford, MA

If you’re a Milford, MA resident looking for a trustworthy and professional roofer, look no further than Nor’Easter Roofing. Our skilled team offers roofing, siding, and other exterior services to protect and beautify your home. Contact our owner Rob for a quote today