4 Roof Maintenance Tips for Fall

Performing roof maintenance in the fall is important to preparing for the unpredictable New England winter. If your roof needs repairs or needs to be replaced, now is the time to schedule work and maintenance. Follow these tips to get your roof ready this fall and protect your home throughout the winter.

Trim Your Tree Branches

With the leaves beginning to fall for the winter, you’ll be able to see how close some branches are to your roof and windows. Having branches hang too close to your home can lead to intruders breaking in through your windows by climbing the trees to a branch collapsing under the pressure from unattended snow. Pruning back your branches will help keep your home safe and your trees healthy.

Gutter Maintenance

Fallen leaves can land in your gutters, clogging them and affecting the flow of water. As your gutters are weighed down by water and debris, they can begin to overflow onto your roof, causing cracks, mold and eventual collapse. Cleaning your gutters ensures water continues to move through properly, without affecting your roof. While cleaning them out, take the opportunity to install gutter guards to regulate the debris permitted inside the gutters. Installing guards will limit the number of times you will need to clean your gutters throughout the year.

Schedule An Inspection & Necessary Repairs

You should be having your roof inspected by a professional every six months, in the fall and spring. Having your roof inspected before winter makes it easier to make repairs, as the snow will not be present and causing delays. It will be easier to determine issues and their level of progression, as well as if they require immediate service or monitoring. Properly maintaining your roof now will save you on eventual repair costs, catching small problems before they evolve into massive replacement projects.

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