Ice Dam Removal in Massachusetts

New England winters are long and can be brutal, with rapidly changing temperatures and snowfall. A region could receive as little as one foot of snow over the course of the season, or the same amount in one afternoon. This can put tremendous pressure on your roof and lead to issues that affect the inside of your home, such as ice dams.

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam may form on the edge of your roof. As the layers of snow begin to melt, the water from the snow closest to the roof itself will trickle down your roof and freeze upon exposure to the cold air. As the snow continues to melt, the water will keep pooling between your roof and the newly formed ice dam, which can cause leaks into your home. As the water leaks from your roof, through your attic and into your home, the damage can spread to your walls and floor, from stains and paint peeling to rot forming in structural beams. If you have gutters hanging along your roof, the gutters may strain and collapse due to the weight of the ice, which can harm people, pets, and landscaping in your yard. Ice dams can be prevented by consistent snow removal during storms.

How can I tell if I have an ice dam?

Do you have icicles forming on the edge of your gutters? If the ice is only clinging to the gutters, you may not have to worry about an ice dam yet. However, icicles can lead to ice dams if the weather changes drastically, and pose additional safety concerns if they fall. If there are water stains forming on in your attic or on your ceiling, that can be a sign that an ice dam has formed and requires repair.

Ice Dam Removal in Worcester, MA

Nor’easter Roofing removes and repairs ice dams across western Massachusetts by raking your roof and spreading calcium chloride along your roof to melt the ice. By using a specific roof rake, the Nor’easter team will be able to remove snow from your roof from the ridge to the gutter without causing damage to your shingles or granules. After the snow has been removed and exposed the ice, we will spread calcium chloride along the ice in order to melt it and cover any shrubs or plants in the immediate vicinity. As soon as the dam has been removed, we will make any necessary repairs to your roof. If your home has begun forming an ice dam, call Nor’easter Roofing at 508-667-3278 or fill out our online contact form for quick and efficient removal!