Why Taking Good Care of Your Chimney is Important

A chimney can help a home stand out, but more importantly, it is responsible for clearing unwanted air particles from the home. Your chimney will take care of you and your home, but over time, care for your chimney will need to be reciprocated. Chimneys and roofs tend to work hand in hand so it is important to not only take care of your roof but your chimney as well. Below, we will dive into a handful of reasons why looking after your chimney and providing necessary maintenance is essential.

1. Good Chimney Care Can Prevent Roof Leaks

No homeowner wants to deal with a roof leak. Taking good care of your chimney and maintaining it can lower the chances your roof leaks. When chimney issues are ignored or neglected, holes, cracks and gaps can take shape. One holes, cracks and gaps form around your roof and chimney, it is only a matter of time before leaks occur.

2. Taking Care of Chimney Can Minimize Ice Dams

Another thing homeowners do not want to see is an ice dam form on their respective roofs. Ice dams form when snow melts from a roof and can cause significant water damage. Ice dames are are not always easy to get rid of so it is best to do what you can to prevent them from building up. When a chimney is well taken care of, it can help prevent ice dam buildup.

3. Proper Care Maxmizes Energy-Efficiency

Having an energy-efficient home is something every homeowner should covet. When a home is energy-efficient, homeowners can save on their utility bills and keep heat from escaping. A well-maintained chimney will do its part in keeping your home as energy-efficient as possible.

How To Take Care of Your Chimney

  • Have your chimney examined once a year
  • Consider having a chimney cap installed
  • Keep your fireplace as clean as possible

Chimney Services in New England: Nor’Easter Roofing

Nor’Easter Roofing proudly serves Whitinsville, MA and Meredith, NH! Over our nearly two decades in the business, we have completed a handful of chimney repairs and replacements. Damaged chimneys will not get better by themselves and will only get worse over time. If your chimney needs professional service, contact us!