With the weather changing rapidly from day to day, it’s easy to think that winter is almost over and you can simply move on to spring home improvement projects. However, it is as likely to be in the mid-forties some days as it is to snow. While waiting for the spring to arrive, take the time to perform these roof maintenance or repair projects!

Roof Repairs

The warm weather marking the halfway point of winter offers the ideal time to make roof repairs. Focus on repairing shingles and flashing, as well as the holes and cracks that have formed along and within the chimney. Roof repair work typically requires the services of a licensed and bonded roofing contractor.

Time for Roof Replacement

Sometimes, the stress placed on a roof during the heaviest snow calls for roof replacement. Roofing contractors can complete roof replacement projects during extended breaks from harsh winter weather conditions. The only exception to the roof replacement rule involves flat roofs, which require above freezing temperature to get the job done right.

Clear the Gutters

Back in the fall, you should have unclogged the gutters by removing dead leaves and empty bird nests blocking proper water flow. Warmer winter days offer you the perfect opportunity to clear gutters that might have clogged because of debris tossed about by fierce winter storm winds. Check eaves, troughs, and downspouts for accumulated ice.

Insulation in the Attic

Abnormally mild temperatures the past few winters moved installing attic insulation to the bottom of your winter home preparedness list. However, if the winter of 2017-18 has changed your mind and with the break in the harsh winter weather, now is the time to generate more warmth upstairs. Insulation helps reduce energy costs and it traps the warmth rising from below.

Remove Snow

What salt and hard work were unable to accomplish when the temperatures dipped under zero degrees should work now. Take some time to clear snow to prevent slips and falls when the inevitable refreezing takes place. Remove what is left of the snow piles surrounding the driveway and along the sidewalk leading to the front door. Sweep and shovel off snow to decrease the pressure placed on the roof. The last thing you want is the roof collapsing during the next cold snap. Accumulated snow can also lead to ice dams, which can cause damage to your roof and the interior of your home. If you need help removing snow from your roof, Nor’easter Roofing can rake the snow off for you!

Roof Maintenance & Repair Across Massachusetts

If you are in need of roof maintenance, or your roof has damage that requires immediate repair, contact Nor’easter Roofing. Our team will go to your home and perform any required maintenance and recommend any repairs that should be done. Nor’easter Roofing can be reached by calling 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form.