Benefits of Roof Insulation

As it gets colder in New England, energy costs are going to rise with the expensive of keeping your home warm and cozy. If you are looking for a way to lower these costs as they vary throughout the year, you should consider insulating your roof!

What does insulation do?

Insulation will keep heat in your home throughout the winter and cool air throughout the summer. Your home will be at a comfortable temperature year-round, at just a fraction of the cost! The attic will remain at room temperature, keeping the rooms below it at the temperature set on your thermostat. Colder air sinks, which can lead to a draft in lower levels of your home and freezing conditions in the attic during the winter. During the summer, hot air rises, so the sun’s rays directing hitting the roof will warm up the upper level of your home and alter the temperature of the rooms below it.  An added level of spray foam insulation will be added to the rafters of your roof, adding an extra layer of weather protection to absorb the change in temperature. Your attic will become a usable space and can even be transformed into an extra room, if you so desire. Your HVAC system may be located in the attic due to space constraints. A layer of insulation will allow your system to work more efficiently, without having to use more energy to combat harsh climates.

Roof Insulation & Installation in Uxbridge, MA

If you are interested in installing spray foam insulation in your New England home, call Nor’easter Roofing today! Our certified team of installers will come to your home to inspect your roof and attic before providing a free estimate for insulation and recommended service! Save on your energy bills this fall, and make sure your roof is well-maintained. Nor’easter Roofing can be reached at 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form.