If you contact your contractors to have your roofing replaced this winter, chances are some will decline because of several reasons best known to them. As winter’s cozy embrace envelops us all, some homeowners ponder the feasibility of having their deteriorating roofs replaced.  Roof replacement is an invasive home renovation process that requires the right weather conditions to execute. Contractors prefer a period where neither sun nor snow can impede their work rate. Yes, you can have your roof replaced in the winter. Even If a roofing company dashes your hope of getting a new roof this winter, do not give up because you can still have your roof replaced.

Factors that Affect Roof Repairs During Winter

The following are typical factors your contractors consider before a roof replacement during winter:

Temperature: The temperature of your vicinity plays a major role in the success of your roof replacement. Contractors will decline your requests if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. For instance, people living in Alaska are more likely to get rejected than people in Tennessee. This change in choice is because of the heavy snowfall which can disturb your roof replacement or repairs.

Adhesive and Sealant Performance: The adhesives and sealants used during roof replacement are responsive to any slight change in the environment’s temperature. Cold weather can affect the quality and viscosity of materials, reducing their effectiveness during repairs.

Reduced productivity: Roofing contractors have a specific time frame to work during the day. However, winter is known for shorter days and longer nights; thus, reducing the overall work duration of your project. During winter, project planning and execution are crucial to ensure optimal efficiency.

Increased work hazard: Winter weather is known to be less conducive for roof repairs as there is an increased chance of accidents. The slippery surface, cold weather, and snow can put contractors at risk. They must adhere to strict safety standards during work to prevent these risks and reduce the chances of a work accident.

Winter Roof Replacement Considerations

Before you consider a roof replacement as a homeowner or contractor, you must consider certain things to ensure the success of the replacement or repairs. The following are some of the winter roof replacement considerations you should know:

  • The degree of roof damage
  • Length of time of replacement or repairs
  • Presence of mold, algae, or mildew
  • Reason for roof repairs and replacement (that is for aesthetic reasons or to improve home appraisal value.)

Roof Replacements in Meredith, NH

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