Roofing & Siding Contractor Franklin MA

For over 26 years, Nor’easter has happily offered its contractor services to Franklin, MA. Our team works hard to help homeowners improve their home value and appearance by performing our home improvement services. We provide roof installation and repair services to help families remain safe during crazy New England weather. We also offer vinyl siding installation and repair services to keep homes well-insulated and secure. Our team provides window installation, skylight installation, chimney maintenance work, and ice dam removal if you need something extra. Our goal at Nor’easter is to provide fast, affordable, and durable solutions for your home! Please look at our roofing and siding contractor services in Franklin, MA, and experience the Nor’easter difference!

Roofing Services in Franklin, MA

Let Nor’easter be your go-to team for all your roofing needs! From roof installation, roof repair, and roof maintenance, we perform it all. Our team will assess your home to determine whether your home needs a brand new roof or some repair and maintenance. With the hot summer sun, our roofs can take a beating from the heat. Not to mention the cooler weather and the risk of leakage from rain or snow if your roof is not maintained correctly. Our maintenance and re-shingling services are top notches, leaving your home looking like it has a brand new roof on top! You can feel confident that your home is in good hands, whichever service you choose. Click to learn more about our roofing installation and repair services in Franklin, MA.

Siding Services in Franklin, MA

Our team at Nor’easter provides beautiful and durable vinyl siding for your home. If you need vinyl siding installation or repairs, Nor’easter has you covered. Our homes require durable siding to be installed because it helps keep our homes insulated during the hot and cold months and protects them from water damage or creatures entering. If you notice your siding is starting to wear or you suspect it may need to be entirely replaced, our team of expert contractors can help. It’s important not to dwell on your home’s current situation because the longer you wait, the worse your situation may get. Our goal at Nor’easter is to keep your home safe from the outside-in. Click to learn more about our siding installation and repair services in Franklin, MA.

Other Home Improvement Services in Franklin, MA

Nor’easter is more than just a roofing company; we offer other home improvement services! We work with Harvey building products to provide homeowners with the best quality home products. We offer installation and repair services to ensure your windows are beautiful, durable, and energy efficient. At Nor’easter, we also provide ice dam removal services for your home. The winter can be a stressful and unpredictable time. It’s our mission to take the stress off your shoulders during the winter months and maintain your roof with our ice dam removal services. Click to learn more about our window, ice dam, and insulation services in Franklin, MA.

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If you live in Franklin, MA, and want to improve your home’s value and appearance, we can help! Our cost-effective and highly durable roofing and siding services are available for homeowners in need. For over 26 years, Nor’easter has been assisting homeowners in feeling safe and secure under their roofs; let us help you too! Give us a call at 508-NOR-EAST or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.