How Can I Tell If Roofers Didn’t Do a Good Job?

Roofing projects can range from small to large, but they all come at a price. Most roofing jobs are quite costly, so getting the most out of your investment is always important. Even if you are not a roofing expert, there are indicators you can rely on to measure the quality of the work you received. While many roofing contractors are reputable, some tend to take advantage of their clients. Here are five common instances that highlight an inadequate roofing job.

1. New Roof Does Not Pass The Eye Test

Even if you do not have experience repairing or installing roofs, most homeowners can tell if something is wrong with a simple inspection. After the roofers you hire finish the project, take a good look at the roof. The roof should looked aligned, not have missing shingles or any cracks. If a roof does not appear to be in uniform, has missing shingles or cracks, your roofers did not do the best job.

2. New Roof Is Leaking

You may not be able to notice if your new roof leaks right away, but if it starts to leak after the next rainstorm, this is another sign of a poor roofing job. Mitigate the leak the best way you can and contact the roofing company as soon as possible to let them know.

3. Poor Use of Nails

This is another step you may not notice right away, but if roofers use the wrong nails or the wrong amount of nails, it will not be long until your roof is affected. When roofers use the wrong nails or not enough nails, shingles can easily come off the roof on a windy day. Shingles flying off your roof will impact the structure and aesthetics of your roof.

How To Prevent Bad Roofing Experience

While a bad roofing experience can happen to any homeowner, there are ways to decrease the chances it happens to you. Before you hire a roofer, follow these steps:

  • Check their roofing license, certification and experiences
  • Ask Family and Friends for roofing recommendations
  • Understand roofing warranties available

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