While roofs are strong and built to last, they are not invincible. It is essential not to assume everything is okay with your roof, especially if you have not checked on it in quite some time.  As much as your roof takes care of you and your home, it needs some tender loving care from time to time as well. Here are five tips to best avoid encountering roofing damage this year.

1. Stay on Top of Your Gutters

Gutters help direct water away from your roof. If your gutters are not clean and clogged, gutters will overflow with water and impact the roof. This can then lead to severe water damage, leaks, mold growth, and much more.

2. Be Proactive

If you spot a missing shingle or see part of your roof is damaged, do not just ignore it. Minor roof damage can become major roof damage if left untreated. Keep in mind that even if your roof is functioning with minor flaws, the flaws should not be neglected.

3. Do Not Let Trees Get Too Close To Your Roof

Keep an eye out for the trees that are around your home. Tree branches and limbs that fall down during a storm can do significant damage to a roof. Also, consider if a tree is too close to your home. Trees can also fall over during a storm and damage a home.

4. Remove Snow on the Roof

Snow on a roof can weigh down the roof, cause water damage and leaks, and form ice dams. If you are comfortable going on top of your roof after a snowstorm, remove as much snow as you can. If you can reach your roof with a shovel without getting on the roof, that can work too.

5. Have Your Roof Inspected

Having your roof inspected is vital when it comes to preventing roof damage. Roof inspections can pinpoint potential roofing issues before they pop up.

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