The roof is undoubtedly the most important structure in the home. It shields the interior from rain, sandstorms, and snow, and also serves as insulation. For a very important structure, the roof is neglected and rarely maintained. To improve your home’s durability, experts recommend you maintain your roof at least every 5 to 10 years. This periodic maintenance allows for the immediate repair of dents or tears that can cause damage to your home. For homeowners looking to give their roof a new look this year, here are some trusted tips to keep your roof well-maintained.

Clean Your Gutters

Each season, your roof gutters accumulate dirt and debris like fallen leaves and branches. It is essentially to remove these debris to ensure the free flow of water, particularly during the rainy season. A blockage in your gutters can prevent water flow and cause pressure on your roofing, which can weaken the sheets and shingles. You can easily do this by using a ladder to get onto your roof and a rake to sweep the debris.

Trim Your Overgrown Landscaping

Tall trees in your landscape may accentuate your home’s features, but these trees can affect your roof’s durability if they are located nearby. The long branches of these trees pose a risk to your roof during a heavy storm. One way to avoid this is to trim back tree branches that are growing close to your roof

Clear Snow Debris Off Your Roof

A massive buildup of snow on your rooftop can cause harm to your roof. If you have an older roof of 25 years or more, snow buildup can increase the likelihood of experiencing a roof collapse. When you recognize a significant amount of snow on your roof, get a ladder to access your rooftop and use a snow rake to clear the buildup. This activity will reduce the weight on your roof and reduce your chance of a roof collapse.

Inspect Your Roof for Missing or Damaged Shingles

The weather can take a toll on your roof shingles and cause them to either expand, shrink, or crack. The sudden expansion and contraction can cause them to tear off, exposing your roof to damage. As homeowners, taking a few minutes to inspect your shingles can save you from unexpected expenditures and damages.

Remove Algae or Moss Growth

Algae, moss, and mold spores can germinate anywhere in the presence of moisture. To prevent the future day of your shingles or roofing material, remove any growth of algae or moss by scrapping them or applying the appropriate chemicals.

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