Although this New England winter has been mild, there is always a chance of a snow storm. When a big storm hits, homeowners can expect large amounts of snow to cause damage to your roof. For the most part, all newer homes are up to code and are built to withstand heavy snowfall. If you live in an older home though, it may not be built to stand up to the heavy snow. It’s important to look for these signs to decide if your roof is being subjected to damage or not.


  1. Walls or drywall around door frames have cracks
  2. Doors inside your home are sticking
  3. Home windows are difficult to open and close
  4. Sagging roof
  5. Large leaks form your roof
  6. Doors that open for no apparent reason
  7. Popping sounds


After each storm we have, it’s important to remove any snow off of your home’s roof. By removing snow after each storm, you’ll be able to avoid any large buildups. While we do encourage you to remove snow, this can be dangerous so it’s best to let a professional handle this. Once the snow has been removed, if you find that there is any damage, contact Nor’Easter Roofing today. For a free quote, contact us at 508-667-3278 or by filling out our contact form.