Do you know when your roof was last inspected? If you’re scratching your head and still coming up empty, you’re not alone! Many Americans fail to get their roof inspected as often as they should. It’s something that isn’t really common knowledge, so it’s easy for it to slip your mind for longer than you’d like to admit. Let’s get you and your roof back on track by learning more about how often your roof needs to be inspected in the future! 

When Should You Get a Roof Inspection? 

Roof inspections are necessary at least once a year, but twice a year is ideal. Roof inspections are the most beneficial if they’re done in the fall and spring. This helps to protect your roof in the fall, before harsh winter weather, and then check for any damage from the harsh weather once winter has passed. Your roof should also be inspected after any major storms, high winds, or if you notice signs of damage. Signs of damage may include moss growth, missing shingles, and poor temperature control inside the home. Excess moisture in the home, sunlight in the attic, water in the attic, and unwanted pests inside the home are all warning signs of roof damage too! 

Can You Do the Inspection Yourself? 

Roof inspections are the most effective when they’re performed by a licensed and experienced roofing contractor. Their knowledge and experience will make it easier to identify early warning signs of damage before it becomes a bigger issue. Hiring a professional for your roof inspections is also a wise safety choice since climbing a ladder and walking on the roof can be very dangerous if it’s done incorrectly.

 If you are going to inspect your roof yourself, have a friend or family member assist in stabilizing the ladder. Bring a checklist of different areas on the roof to inspect and make a note of damage as you go. You can also inspect some areas of the roof from inside of your attic! Go into the attic and look for sunlight coming through the roof. You can also go into the attic while it’s raining to check for any signs of a leak in the roof. Don’t forget to mark and note your findings so you can relay the information to a roof repair specialist. 

If you’re in need of a roof inspection, repair, or replacement, we can help! Contact Nor’Easter Roofing today to schedule a roofing consultation appointment. Our team has the tools, experience, and training to handle any issue your roof may have. Spring and summer are the best time to consult with a roofing contractor, so don’t wait to schedule your appointment!