Prepare your Roof for Fall

We hate to say it, but summer is winding down. Before you know it, it will be fall – an important time for roof care and maintenance. Unfortunately, with the fall comes dead leaves, clogged gutters, and the approach of the dreaded winter season. In order to guarantee that your roof is prepared for the dead leaves of autumn and the precipitation of winter, it is important to make thorough preparations.


Trim the Trees:

Despite weather conditions, most species of trees grow steadily on a year-round basis. This means that those tiny branches just barely hanging above your roof will be quite the nuisance by the time the spring season comes around.

In order to prevent damage to your roof, we recommend that you trim any branches near the roof before the fall season. Not only will these branches continue to grow, but they will also cause additional build-up of leaves and debris on your roof during the autumn season.


Replace Missing or Loose Shingles:

While the fall season is typically known for its mild and pleasant weather, an occasional surprise storm is not unlikely. This is why it’s necessary to replace missing or loose shingles before the fall season.

Putting a little effort into replacing missing or loose shingles during the fall season will also likely prevent you from having to make repairs during the harsh winter.


Clean All Gutters:

Yes, cleaning the gutters is a time consuming, messy, and aggravating job that requires hard work and patience. But this task is extremely important when it comes to the present and future conditions of your roof. Buildup of leaves and debris in the gutters will quickly cause leaks in the roof that may cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars to repair. If you’re not in the mood for gutter cleaning give us a call!


Check the valleys:

These areas where two roof-lines meet are some of the top offenders for causing leaks. It’s not recommended for homeowners to go on the roof themselves, but Nor’easter Roofing can clean the valleys as part of our roof inspection.


Call for a roof inspection:

A professional roofing company knows exactly what to look for and can take care of any problems. The more frequently you check the roof and the sooner you call about problems, the stronger you will be able to keep your roof.


If you would like a professional roof inspection or need help preparing your roof for the fall and winter, please give us a call at (508) 667-3278 or fill out our online contact form.