As most New England homeowners know, ice dams can be a big headache. When snow on your home’s roof is unprotected during cold temperatures, it will freeze and block your gutters, causing ice dams to form. Once the snow and ice begins to melt, when ice dams occur, the melted water will make its way into your home, instead of your gutters.
This is harmful to your home because it will cause water damage, which then turns into mold damage. Not only is mold an eyesore, but it can also cause health issues for yourself and your family. Water damage will also cause your ceilings and floor to warp, which is harmful to interior paint. Ice dams will also create problems to the exterior of your home, damaging shingles and gutters along the way.
To prevent interior and exterior damage, the professionals at Nor’Easter Roofing recommend spray foam insulation. It can help to keep melted water away from your home and prevent any damages. When a layer of spray foam insulation is installed between your attic and roof, you’re adding an additional sheet of protection. This will help to prevent any leaks and in the end, any money you would have spent on repairs from ice dams.
For homeowners without the protection of spray foam insulation, consider installing it today before winter creeps up on us. Contact Nor’Easter Roofing for more information on spray foam insulation by calling 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form.