Another Fantastic Testimonial

Rob was knowledgeable and honest when discussing our need to replace the roof on our home. We spoke to a few other roofers but we preferred Rob’s genial manner and thorough approach. He kept us in the loop throughout the scheduling and permitting process. When the day came to do the work, his crew, together with Matt, the crew leader, arrived exactly when they said they would.


We have a large home with a separate garage, several dormers, and an addition.  All the old roofing was removed without wrecking any of our landscaping (amazing) in a matter of hours. The new roof went on beautifully and quickly. It was obvious from watching that these guys knew what they were doing and they worked well together. When they were done (1.5 days), they cleaned up thoroughly. I have black mulch which made it difficult to find all the old tar paper but they got it done.


We had a tiny glitch in that we all misunderstood where we expected new gutter and where we were keeping old gutter, but we quickly came to an understanding and the job was completed to our satisfaction.


Our home’s curb appeal has been improved 100%. I would recommend anyone use this company.


-Gloria M. Uxbridge, MA