We are a few weeks into 2024, and if you are planning on getting a new roof this year, now is a good time to learn about your options. Having a good roof in place is always invaluable. If you know you need a new roof but are unsure which option to choose, here are five roofing trends to consider this year.

1. Low-Maintenance Roofs

A roof that requires low to very little maintenance is every homeowner’s dream. Most homeowners do not frequently maintain their roofs so having a roof that does not require much maintenance can be a huge benefit. Common types of low-maintenance roofs include flat roofs and metal roofs. These types of roofs can typically hold up well without much maintenance.

2. Energy Efficient Roofs

Having an energy-efficient roof will have a significant trickle-down effect on the rest of your home. With an energy-efficient roof, warm air can stay trapped inside your home during the winter and cool air can stay trapped inside your home during the summer. This can lead you to rely on your HVAC system less, which will help you save money and keep energy bills down.

3. Roofs That Can Resist The Harshest Climates

If your home is located in the northeast, you will need a roof that will hold up against the brutal climate. With snow, wind, hail and rain in play for a large part of the year in this region, only the strongest roofs will survive.

4. Skylights

The addition of skylights on a roof has become a popular trend in recent years. Skylights on a roof offer an additional form of natural light and present a unique view.

5. Lighter Colors

Light-colored roofs will absorb less heat than darker ones, so if you are aiming to keep the interior of your home cooler this year, a light-colored roof can help do the trick.

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