Safely Securing Holiday Lights on Your Roof


With the holiday season here, it means it’s time to get those lights out and start decorating your house! While holiday lights can make your home look festive, the task of putting them up can be hazardous. During this time, we ask homeowners to be extra careful as there is no guarantee you won’t injure yourself!


Before the lights go up, here are some helpful tips to prevent falling from your roof:


  • Using a secure and level ladder
  • Having someone make sure the ladder is secure by holding it as you climb
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Using a safety harness


Along with being safe as you put up your lights, you also need to wary of preventing electrical fires from lights. Here are some tips for avoiding electrical fires around your home:


  • Prior to decorating, make sure there are no loose wires or connections.
  • When fastening lights, to avoid cutting through the wire insulation, don’t use nails or staples.
  • For outside lights, make sure your lights are weather resistant.
  • Take down your lights sooner than later. The longer the lights are up, the more probable they will experience harmful damage.


Along with the holiday season, comes the cold weather, meaning you should be prepared for snow and wind. These cold weather conditions can cause damage to your home’s roof. If you see any damage and are in need of repairs, contact Nor’Easter Roofing at 508-667-3278.