Solar Panel Installations

Nor’easter Roofing Inc. has recently joined forces with Astrum Solar, the leading full-service residential solar provider headquartered in the Eastern US, to provide solar panel astrum solarinstallation services for clients that are looking to save money and join the efforts towards becoming green-thinking and energy independent property owners.

Opting for clean renewable electricity is becoming an increasingly popular and valuable investment.  A team of experienced electricians, construction professionals and engineers will work together to develop a custom, tailored system based on your property’s structure and needs. The money saved over time becomes increasingly impressive while the solar system inevitably adds value to your property. Once the solar system has been installed, you are also promised a lifetime of service and support from the very same company.

Contact us today to find out more information or to schedule a time to have your property evaluated and an estimate generated.  Roofs must be in good condition prior to any installations, so our crew can examine your structure as well as provide roof repair or replacement services should those also be necessary.