As the winter weather begins to dwindle down, we’re starting to see signs of spring! This is the perfect time to see if your roof has sustained any damage from the snow, ice and cold temperatures we experienced this season. Nor’Easter Roofing has put together a roof maintenance checklist for our homeowners!


  • Before you begin any roof maintenance, it’s important to make sure you have someone with you as some of things you need to check for can be dangerous. Along with having someone there, be sure to have any safety gear accessible like goggles, metal ladders and any other protective gear. Be sure that the surfaces you are checking aren’t wet or loose.
  • To ensure you have a good view of your roof, remove any debris that is up there. Debris can include leaves, branches and other items. Check your gutters and downspouts for debris as well. As you remove debris from your roof, also remove any moss or mold that has buildup over time.
  • When your roof is clean, inspect your roof for any initial damage like rusted panels, missing or cracked shingles. Once the obvious damage is noted, look for smaller issues like leaks or loose nails. Once the main area of the roof is checked, look in your gutters, chimney and any other areas that could have been affected this winter.


Now that your inspection is completed, you’ll need to make the decision to do the repair work on your own or hire a professional like Nor’Easter Roofing. While sometimes a repair is all you need to fix a problem, but there are instances where you may need a complete roof replacement. In most cases, it’s best to leave the repairs and replacements to the professionals. Schedule an appointment with Nor’Easter Roofing for an inspection, any roof repairs or replacements by calling us at 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online form.