A new roof is one of the best investments that you can make in your home. It provides your home with great value and curb appeal as well as keeping you dry and other benefits. Because roofs are so important, it’s crucial to make sure that your roof was installed correctly. New England weather is tough on roofs, and you don’t want to make your life more difficult by working with an untrustworthy contractor. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the most common reasons that roofs fail before they should. 

Poor Installation

Most often the reason that a roof fails prematurely, it’s because of faulty installation. Every roofing material requires certain care and installation techniques. If shortcuts are taken, and the installation protocol for the roofing shingles are ignored, leaks will likely happen. Working with a contractor that roofing manufacturers certify is a way to help avoid poor installations. Issues with installation can vary widely, from nails not properly nailed to the sloppy placement of flashing can lead to shingles falling away and deteriorating. 

Insufficient Ventilation

An often overlooked aspect of roofing is ventilation. The reality is that ventilation goes hand and hand with your roof. It helps your attic stay dry and helps your roof last. Proper ventilation keeps moisture from building up in your attic. The buildup of moisture and improper vents will lead to ice dams in the winter and poor efficiency in the summer. Balanced ventilation will help keep your roof properly maintained and last to its expected lifespan. 

Low-Quality Materials

Behind poor ventilation and low tier craftsmanship, the use of low-quality roofing materials will impact your roof the most. When roofers cut corners and use cheap materials, it shows the expression you get what you pay for rings true with roofing. If you accept the lowest bid for a job, you may be in danger of using a contractor that will skimp on materials. High-quality shingles have warranties that go along with the installation warranty, so you can feel good about your roof protecting you and your family. Saving money on the installation could cost you money down the road on repairs and replacements. Opting for higher quality materials makes a difference when it comes to roofing. 

Poorly Applied Flashing

Flashings are the pieces of metal that are placed in the most vulnerable parts of your roof to keep water away. If the flashing isn’t where it should be, water will be able to collect sooner or later and cause you problems. Sealants go along with flashing; they help support keeping moisture away from your roof.

Working with a high-quality roofing contractor will ensure that your roof will last. Contact our team at Nor’Easter Roofing today at 508-667-3278 or using our contact form.