Timeline of a Roof Replacement

If you’re due for a roof replacement, you may be wondering about the logistics: how long it will take, whether or not you’ll be allowed in your home. Replacing your roof is vital to keeping your house structurally sound and often an unavoidable task. Here’s what to expect for your roofing project!

When Can I Start a Roofing Project?

There are a few key factors that affect when a roofing project can begin. Weather is a top concern: while rain and snow can lead to leaks and compromise the roofing materials, excess heat can melt parts of the materials, rendering them unusable. After storms, roofing contractors receive more calls from people in need of repairs, meaning it may be a couple of weeks before your project can begin. The ideal time for a roof replacement job is a dry stretch without the threat of rain and mild temperatures.

What is the Timeline of a Roof Replacement?

When your roofing contractor and their team arrive at your home, the will begin by covering your siding and windows with tarps in order to protect them from dents and scratches. Measures will also be taken to protect your landscaping, gardens, and trees from potential damage during the project. Your contractor will then remove the old shingles from your existing roof. Even if some are still in reasonable condition, new shingles allow for a more comprehensive inspection of the rest of the roof. The plywood holding the roof together is examined and repaired if necessary as it is prepared for the new shingles to be installed. Water and ice protection will be applied to the plywood and roofing felt installed to allow for an additional layer and traction. After the plywood is ready, the new layer of shingles you have chosen to match your home is installed as your roof’s flashing is repaired. After your new roof is installed, it will be inspected to ensure everything is in order and structurally stable. From the initial estimate call, the entire process should take about three weeks, with the installation taking place over the last five days. The process may be quicker depending on weather and scheduling.

Roof Replacement & Maintenance in Uxbridge, Worcester & Franklin, MA

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