What Makes Roof Insulation Energy Efficient?

As temperatures begin to climb for a few days at a time, you’re going to start thinking about installing your air conditioners around your home to keep the air moving and comfortable. Adding insulation to your roof can help make your home more energy-efficient, lowering your heating and cooling costs!

What Makes Insulation Energy Efficient?

Studies show that nearly half of a standard building’s energy is lost to air leaks and infiltration around the structure. This forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder and produce more energy, driving up your bills.  Installing spray foam insulation allows you to cover up the cracks while adding an additional barrier to your roof, keeping the air circulated by your heating and cooling systems inside your home. Since the air is deflected back towards your living area, you will be able to see a change in your energy bills right away.

Where Can Insulation Be Installed?

Insulation can be installed across your roof and attic, filling any openings or places where air can escape, including vents for plumbing, hatches, and doorways. Sealing areas with spray foam prevent air from escaping and allow you to invest in smaller HVAC units to control the temperature of your home. Spray foam insulation helps maintain your roof, allowing for reduced maintenance costs.

Spray Foam Insulation Installation & Roof Maintenance in Worcester, MA

If you are interested in having spray foam insulation installed in your attic this winter, contact Nor’easter Roofing today! Rob Chaille and his team will go to your home to examine your roof and provide an estimate, as well as recommend necessary service or repairs. Nor’easter Roofing can be reached by calling 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form.