Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Your Roof

There is no better way of saying this; if you have been delaying repairing your roof, fall is the best time to get it done. Most roofers prefer to roof during fall for obvious reasons. Not only will you both have enough time to deliberate on the right way to go, but there are also many other benefits

Let’s find out.

Provides the Right Weather 

It is never easy installing roofs in hot summer suns or during the cold winter periods. Fall then provide the best period to get it done as shingles won’t stick together. Researches by experts have proved that the best temperature for roofing is between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And you only begin to see that temperature during fall.

Little or No Occurrence of Storms

Spring and summer are periods often accompanied by heavy thunderstorms, and that leaves them unpredictable. These periods also make it hard for roofers to fully access your roof and give honest results about what needs to be done.

However, during fall, the chances of storms are greatly reduced, and the weather conditions are much clearer. The fall is also not a busy period for most roofers, so everything works for your good.

Makes Installation Easy 

Fall temperature makes installation easy as it makes shingles be in the right condition for roofers to use. When shingles get too cold, they become brittle and break easily. And when it’s too warm, it gets sticky and difficult to handle.

Fall is the perfect time to get your roof repaired on time and within budget.

Provide Enough Time for Shingles to Bond 

Shingles usually need time and cool temperature to bond and install properly before winter sets in. if the shingles get cold due to the winter weather before it has been sealed, you could be dealing with a leaking roof all of the holiday period.

However, once you get your roof repaired right from the start of fall, you can rest assured that your roof sealing has been done.

Keep Pests Out

Your attic is often the perfect spot for rodents and pests to make their home in winter when everywhere else is cold. However, once you get your roof repaired during fall and all cracks and holes in the roof has been done, you would have been able to keep the pests out and not waste money on repairs from the damage they would cause.


There are so many reasons why fall is the perfect time to get your roof repaired. It helps keep your home warm and safe all through winter, and you can be sure of not dealing with water leaking from the roof du