Why is My Roof Failing?

A quality roof is built to last nearly 25 years with the proper care and routine maintenance. However, it is not engineered to last forever, and you may begin to notice signs of failure. If you are unsure why your roof is malfunctioning, take the following factors into consideration.

Maintenance Schedule or Neglect

If you’re not keeping up with inspections and maintenance, your roof will show signs of wear earlier. Regular inspections and checks by a professional roofer will keep you on schedule, making repairs on a timely basis before major problems form. Repairs can be performed when up to 20% of your shingles are damaged; further damage requires a full roof replacement. Not tending to your roof can lead to pricier projects, as well as a shortened life expectancy for the unit.

Missing or Blocked Ventilation

Proper air flow helps to maintain the temperature of your roof as a whole, as well as regulating the temperature inside. Making sure your roof has the proper ventilation ensures that the shingles do not warp due to extreme heat or chill. This will be checked as part of a routine inspection.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather in Massachusetts can change in a flash, with a mild day making way for torrential downpours or hail. This will have an effect on your roof and the materials. While rain or light snow will not do damage for a while, heavy snow that stays on your roof for a long period of time or fallen tree branches can create major problems and even cause parts of the roof to cave in.

Roofing Inspections, Repairs & Replacement in Upton, Millbury, Franklin & Plainville

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