Winter weather can be hard to handle. When the temperatures creep below 30 degrees, it’s hard not to think about what can go wrong. This winter is the perfect time to perform easy maintenance that protects and keeps the cold outside. Prevent winter roof damage with these helpful tips.

Prevent Ice Dam Formation

An ice dam is when a layer of ice forms between the snow and the roof. Snow dams occur because the heat escaping from the home melts away the base layer, and leaves behind a thick layer of ice. 

Unfortunately, this is a cycle that repeats and causes more snow to build-up on the roof. Without immediate intervention, water seeps under the shingles and into the home through several points on the roof. Thankfully, this is preventable. Experts recommend installing insulation and ventilation in the attic. Installing insulation and ventilation can prevent heat from escaping the home through the roof, in turn preventing ice dam formation. Another prevention method is installing heat trace cables in the gutters. In doing so, the snow melts and keeps flowing from the roof’s edges.

Additionally, cleaning out your gutters and clearing the snow with a snow rake is effective in lowering the risks of ice dam formation.  

Monitor Icicle Formation

Icicles have the reputation of being harmless and beautiful ice sculptures. However, icicles can pose a threat similar to ice dam formation. The havoc a single icicle can wreak on shingles can lead to costly leaks. While the solution for icicle formation is identical to the solution for ice dam formation, it is recommended that icicles be removed from the roof with a snow rake. This can be done safely with a sturdy ladder and a long handle.  

Condensation in The Attic

Dealing with roofing issues in the winter can be stressful. If ice dam formation is occurring on the roof, then there is a high probability that there are condensation problems in the attic, too. Condensation and moisture build-up can be extremely destructive to any roof, and while attic condensation may not seem like a dire issue, it can destroy the structure of a home. The best tactic for dealing with attic condensation is investing in proper ventilation systems and addressing any roof leaks immediately.

Bearing the Weight of Rooftop Snow

The risks of a roof collapse under the weight of snow is a reality that cannot go unchecked. Snow may seem harmless, but between ice dam formation, icicles, and attic condensation, a roof collapse is not far behind. The design and construction of a roof dictate the amount of weight it can handle. Poor construction or neglect can weaken a roof no matter its age. Some of the signs that a roof is in danger of collapse are creaking sounds and leaks that cause sagging to the ceiling. Taking action and calling the professionals at the first sign of trouble can help avoid a disastrous roof collapse.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspecting and immediately correcting roof issues is the best way to prepare for the winter. Letting roof issues pile up is costly and dangerous. Having a roof inspection every year can help prevent structural damage and give homeowners peace of mind throughout the winter months.

Roof Inspections in Uxbridge, Worcester & Framingham, MA

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