It is important to look out for a home’s roof in chilly months like January and February. You have no clue what the snow and moisture buildup can do to your roof. Although roofs are very sturdy, the buildup of weight can put consistent pressure and stress on their structure. This can cause leaks, sagging, or sometimes even collapse if left untreated. Besides, the melting snow and ice are also a trouble. The water can seep under the shingles and into your roof system. If that happens, be prepared to welcome the unwanted leaks, mold growth, and damage. The roof shelters your home, and it is rightly said that a healthy home comes with a healthy roof. Continue reading and learn why January and February are the perfect times for you to show some love to your roof.

1. Clearing the White Stuff

You have to make sure that you shovel all the whites away from your roof. Make a regular routine to prevent excessive weight of ice buildup. Look out for areas near the eaves and the vents where the buildup can block. You can’t always be up for shoveling, so try using roof salt or de-icing to melt the icicles. Preventing ice dams from forming on your roof will prove to be invaluable.

2. Watch Out For Your Self

We often forget to look out for the potential safety issues. So when you climb that ladder, make sure it is stable and placed where it is not slippery. And when you see ice, simply avoid climbing. Besides, look for broken shingles or loose pipes, and don’t hold them for support. It can bring you down with it.

3. Sealing And Trimming

The chimneys, vents, and skylights are prone to leaks, so check them properly for any damage or loose ends. You should look for cracks, tears, or loose seals and address them promptly. When the need comes, apply sealing solutions or other products around the areas to ensure water-tightness.

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