As winter approaches, homeowners often associate this time with the end of outdoor chores. And while this is true to a large extent, there are still some tasks outside the home that need to be handled before winter sets in, specifically to protect your roof and your home from damage.

Clean out your gutters

No one likes cleaning out their gutters. However, this is an essential task for ensuring that rainwater (and melting snow) can drain properly. Failure to do this can lead to water damage on your landscaping, siding, the foundation, and other areas of your home. Severe clogs can even push water up onto the roof, causing leaks, warping, and mold to form. 

While you’re cleaning out your gutters, be sure to check your downspouts as well. Downspouts can fill with mold, which can lead to rusting. Clogged downspouts can also cause many of the same problems as clogged gutters.

Check attic insulation levels

Proper attic insulation can help keep your home heated during the winter. It also prevents the formation of ice dams and icicles. If you are not sure if your attic is properly insulated, contact a professional for an inspection.

Trim tree branches

Do you have tree limbs that hang over your roof? As heavy snow and ice fall, this can cause those limbs to break off and damage your roof. Trim back any branches that hang over your roof, if possible.

Inspect your roof

One of the most obvious ways to prepare your roof for winter is to inspect it for any damage. Visually inspect for any missing, loose, or blistered shingles. Even if you do not see any damage, it may still be worth getting an expert to inspect your roof. There can be damage under the layer of shingles that you may be unable to see. 

Roof Inspection & Replacement in Uxbridge, Worcester & Framingham, MA

Before you vow to stay inside for the winter season, make sure you run through these maintenance tips to keep your roof in good condition this winter. Catching problems early can help you save significant money over time. If you cannot perform your own inspection, or find something you suspect could be problematic, always reach out to a roofing professional. They can help you make the best and most cost-effective decision for your roof. Contact Nor’easter for an inspection or any roof repairs before winter hits. Nor’easter Roofing can be reached by calling 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form