How Summer Affects Your Roof

The summertime is such an enjoyable season for most. The warm weather and the heat from the sun have families out and about and enjoying the day. What you may not know is that the sun’s heat can affect your roof. When thinking about roof damage, you may only assume harsh weather conditions and winds cause it. But the sun has a significant impact on your roof, and it can silently pose several risks to your roof! Learn more about the three ways Summer can affect your home or business’s roof, and contact a roofing specialist before it’s too late!


3 Ways Summer Affects Your Roof


1. Summer Humidity

The Summer months bring high heat as well as high humidity. The humidity can be very uncomfortable outside but also painful for your roof. When there is humidity, condensation is created underneath roof shingles. This can be very problematic as it causes water damage and leaks. With this type of moisture comes mold and mildew developing, which can eventually cause damage to your health.

2. Wear and Tear

The increase in high temperatures during the Summer months, where roofs are exposed to high UV without shade, can cause wear and tear. Once the sun takes a tremendous amount of heat, it causes the roof shingles to curl up, crack, peel and split. It also causes the protective oils in your roof to dry out, making them very brittle and rough. Most roof shingles are built to live for 20-30 years, but that can vary depending on the amount of moisture and sun exposure your home or business gets. 

3. Thermal Shock

Out of all the ways Summer can affect your roof, thermal shock is the most common. Thermal shock occurs when your roof reaches exceptionally high temperatures and cools off rapidly when the sun sets. This sudden flux in temperature causes roof expansion and contraction, which causes tension and a shortened life of roofing materials. The sudden changes of this cause your roof structure to weaken over time and cause it to split.


How to Prevent Roof Damage

There are many ways to ensure your roof is safe throughout the Summer. Below are just three ways to help prevent damage to your roof:


  1. Regularly inspect your roof– regular inspections help ensure your roof is in good shape.
  2. Attic ventilation– ensure a way to get the moisture out and away from your home. 
  3. Regular maintenance– regular roofing maintenance helps keep your roof in good condition by fixing minor problems before things get worse.


How to Know When You Need A New Roof

Are you looking for how to know when you need a new roof? Sometimes things are not always a quick, minor fix. In some cases, you will need a new roof installation. Here is how to know when you need a new roof:

  • Missing shingles on your roof
  • The roof is warped or curling up at the edges
  • The roof is leaking, or there is water damage
  • Mold or mildew has taken over
  • Repairs are unable to be done

If any of the above sounds like your roof, reach out to a roofing contractor immediately!


Contact Nor’easter

It’s impossible to fully protect your roof from the sun and stop it from beating down on your home. What you can do is contact Nor’easter Roofing. Our roofing experts will come and assess your home or business’s roof situation and point you in the correct direction. Whether you need a roof repair or a replacement, we have you covered. Give us a call today at 508-NOREAST or fill out our contact form for a free roofing estimate.