Replacing your roof can be an intimidating prospect: you may not want to turn your home into an active construction site, and you may not feel the need to fix a roof that is not leaking or displaying any signs of needing repair. However, replacing your roof and having it inspected should be a part of your routine home maintenance. There are several signs that your roof is in need of replacement.

Your roof is beginning to leak

Waking up or coming home to find a persistent leak is irritating and requires immediate care. After putting a bucket or garbage pail down to catch the water and protect your floors from damage, take a look at your ceiling and perform a visual inspection of your roof. If you can see dark patches on your ceiling or areas where it sags, you will need to schedule a replacement in order to prevent more damage from afflicting your home. When checking out the exterior of your home and the appearance of your roof, take note of your shingles and trim. If your shingles are beginning to curl at the edges or some have gone missing, you should contact a roofing contractor immediately. Addition warning signs include missing or rotting trim and wear around the chimney. A leaky roof can quickly turn into an expensive problem if left too long.

Your neighbors are beginning to replace their roofs

Were the homes in your neighborhood constructed around the same time? If you begin to see roofing contractors around the block, it could be a sign that your roof is near the end of its expected lifespan. Your roof should be replaced every 20-25 years in order to protect your home’s structural integrity. Depending on the age of your home and how many people have lived in it, you may not know how old your roof is. You will be able to get an exact age by contacting your local government to see if there is a building permit on file from the previous installation.

You are noticing aesthetic issues

Curling shingles are among the first noticeable signs that your roof is beginning to fail. As they loosen due to high winds, rain, snow, and age, shingles may begin to fall from their space on the roof, and the granules protecting the structure may fall off and end up in the water flowing through your gutters. If your shingles are cracked or shifting or you notice moss growing along your roof, contact a professional for an inspection and replacement estimate.

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