For most New Englanders, “fall” calls to mind sweaters, hot cocoa, and colorful leaves. However, for homeowners, it should bring to mind some much-needed home maintenance – specifically on the roof. Here are 5 essential tips homeowners need to follow to prepare their roofs for fall. 

1. Get a roof inspection.

Many homeowners often forego roof inspections until there is a leak or other noticeable damage. This is a mistake, since many costly roof repairs could be avoided If the roof were regularly inspected. 

2. Make the recommended roof repairs.

If the inspector finds any missing or broken shingles, termites, or other problems, fix them immediately. Even small issues can create major problems later. Even waiting a few weeks can be problematic, because the snowy weather could set in and then repairs would have to wait until spring. By then, those small issues can result in a large amount of damage. 

3. Remove potentially harmful debris. 

In the fall, you’ll want to make sure you remove any potentially harmful debris that could damage your roof. This includes cleaning out your gutters as well as removing any dead trees or branches near your home. Clogged gutters can cause water to build up on your roof, leading to rot and eventually a leak. If you have dead branches hanging nearby, the branches could fall and damage your roof during an ice or snowstorm. 

4. Check the attic insulation.

Proper insulation (and ventilation) in your attic can ensure that your roof is not damaged by moisture. Be sure to check the insulation in your attic at least once per year. A poorly insulated attic can collect moisture and ice throughout the winter. Replacing the insulation in your attic will be considerably less expensive than making roof repairs or replacing your roof. 

5. Monitor your roof throughout the season.

Once you’ve followed the other tips, keep your roof top of mind. Do not ignore shingles on the ground, hail, or the sound of rodents scurrying around. All of these could potentially mean a repair is needed. The longer a homeowner waits to fix the issue, the worse (and more expensive) it will be. 

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