Spring has finally sprung for New Englanders so it’s now time for spring cleaning. One particular thing you should be spring cleaning is your home’s roof. Inspecting your roof will not only make your home look better, but it can prolong the life of your roof. Below, you’ll find some suggestions on what to look for during your roof’s spring cleaning.

  • When inspecting your roof, make sure that there aren’t any tree limbs that are touching it. If you find that they are, you’ll want to have them trimmed. They can affect the life of your roof by scraping over shingles and loosening protective granules.
  • If you notice a massive collection of pine needles or leaves that are holding on to moisture, they’ll need to removed. Moisture causes blocked gutters, additional weight on the roof and creates mildew. Homeowners can use a rake or air blower to remove excess pine needles or leaves, but should be careful as to not harm any shingles.
  • To decrease any moss growth, cut back your trees and remove leaves. This allows the sun to dry up any moisture that moss flourishes on. You can use chemicals to remove moss, but if they runoff, it can harm plants.
  • If you notice discolored streaks on your roof, this is a sign of algae, mold or fungus, which can cause roof material to deteriorate, causing leaks. To remove mold, use a solution of chlorine bleach or copper sulfate with a garden sprayer. Make sure not to power wash your shingles as it can damage shingles and granules.
  • If your home was hit with any heavy snow from the winter, it may have caused damage to your gutters. Make sure that water is able to flow through your gutters easily.

To ensure that all of these roof issues are addressed, schedule a roof inspection with Nor’Easter Roofing. We will be able to identify any issues you may have and provide a solution for you. To schedule today, contact us at 508-667-3278 or by filling out our online contact form.