The exterior of your home is likely something you take for granted. It’s easy to assume that things are doing what they’re supposed to do, but that type of thinking can lead to some costly damages. Gutters are an essential part of keeping your home safe. If your home doesn’t have gutters, or if you’re not familiar with gutter maintenance, we’re here to help! 

How Do Gutters Work? 

Roofs are designed to roll water down and off of the roof. Without gutters, that water drops straight down onto ground that surrounds the foundation of your home. Gutters are designed to reroute that water from the roof, down a downspout, where it can safely drain away from your home’s foundation. 

What Types of Problems Can Gutters Prevent?

A properly working gutter system can prevent quite a few issues in your home. Some of those include:

  • Water damage to your roof – when water doesn’t properly drain from your roof it can cause mold, rot, and speed up the deterioration process. 
  • Window moisture – as water runs off the roof and straight down to the ground without gutters, it’s almost guaranteed to cause excess moisture in the windows it runs over. This not only leads to condensation and damage to your windows, but it can actually lead to water damage to your interior walls from the condensation. 
  • Foundation issues – water sitting around the foundation of your home quickly erodes the surface and can cause cracks, holes, and other areas of weakness. Once your foundation is compromised, all it takes is a light rain to cause a basement flood or leak. Basement floods will cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, ruin personal belongings, and lead to a lengthy cleanup process. It’s much easier to prevent the issues by installing gutters than it is to deal with them after they occur! 

Gutter Maintenance 

 Once your home has gutters, it’s important to care for them properly. You should clean your gutters at least twice per year. To clean your gutters, climb on a ladder, and remove debris from the gutters using gloves to protect your hands. Leaves, sticks, and anything else sitting in your gutter system prevent the flow of water. Once you’re done cleaning the gutters, use a garden hose to run water through the system to ensure there are no clogs backing up water in the system. 

If you need gutters on your home or are looking to repair or replace old gutters, give us a call today. Nor’Easter is ready to help!